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Type: Resolution Status: ADOPTED
File created: 11/15/2018 In control: CITY COUNCIL
On agenda: Final action: 11/15/2018
Title: Declaring that the 3rd Week of March shall be "Martial Arts Week" in the City of Philadelphia.
Sponsors: Councilmember Oh, Councilmember Bass, Councilmember Domb, Councilmember Greenlee, Councilmember Gym, Councilmember Taubenberger, Councilmember Reynolds Brown, Councilmember Henon, Councilmember Blackwell, Councilmember Parker, Councilmember Jones, Councilmember Johnson, Councilmember Green, Councilmember Quiñones Sánchez, Councilmember Squilla
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Declaring that the 3rd Week of March shall be “Martial Arts Week” in the City of Philadelphia.



WHEREAS, In the 3rd week of March 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt began taking martial arts lessons in the White House, thereby popularizing and legitimizing the effectiveness and benefits of martial arts in the United States; and


WHEREAS, A former Philadelphia police officer, J.J. O’Brien, was President Roosevelt’s first martial arts instructor. J.J. O’Brien received a Certificate in Jiu-Jitsu from the Governor of Nagasaki, while serving as a Police Inspector in Nagasaki, Japan; and


WHEREAS, President Roosevelt continued his martial arts training under Yoshiaki Yamashita, a 6th-degree Judo black belt from Japan. Roosevelt subsequently introduced martial arts training as a regular part of officer development at the United States Naval Academy, where Yamashita became a judo instructor; and


WHEREAS, Martial arts are both an art and a science in which the weak can overcome the strong, giving credence to the familiar adage of “brains over brawn”; and


WHEREAS, The study of martial arts teaches strategy, tactics, techniques, fitness, healthy diet, calmness under extreme pressure, self-confidence, a desire to avoid needless conflict and physical altercations, and an ethos of standing up for the weak when they are bullied, harassed or attacked; and


WHEREAS, Consistent training in martial arts builds character, focus, strength, flexibility, and coordination while enhancing performance in the workplace, at home, in school, and in other sports; and


WHEREAS, Two styles of martial arts, judo and taekwondo, are included as worldwide sports in the International Olympic Games; and


WHEREAS, Philadelphia is home to many martial arts schools including those that teach Judo, Aikido, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, Sambo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoiera; and


WHEREAS, Philadelphia martial arts practitioners consist of very diverse people including world champions, world-renowned coaches and trainers, seniors, parents, professionals, business owners, blue collar workers, persons with disabilities, teens, and children; and


WHEREAS, All Philadelphians are encouraged to experience the benefits of martial arts and all martial artists are encouraged to celebrate Martial Arts Week by participating in a wide variety of events including martial arts demonstrations; pop-up self-defense lessons; free classes for the community; public discussions about the history, philosophy, strategy and techniques of various martial arts; tournaments; and life-changing stories; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, That it hereby declares that the 3rd week of March shall be “Martial Arts Week” in the City of Philadelphia.


FUTHER RESOLVED, That an Engrossed copy of this resolution be presented to the Philadelphia Martial Arts Week Committee.