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File #: 230099    Version: 0 Name:
Type: Resolution Status: IN COUNCIL
File created: 2/9/2023 In control: CITY COUNCIL
On agenda: Final action:
Title: Proposing an amendment to The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter providing for the creation of a Music Office, and providing for the submission of the amendment to the electors of Philadelphia.
Sponsors: Councilmember Oh, Councilmember Bass


Proposing an amendment to The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter providing for the creation of a Music Office, and providing for the submission of the amendment to the electors of Philadelphia.



WHEREAS, In November 2015, City Council passed a bill that created The Music Industry Task Force. Fifteen individuals representing the music industry were appointed to the Task Force  in February 2017; and


WHEREAS, In summary, the mission of the Task Force was to foster the continued growth of Philidalphia’s music scene by cultivating new opportunities, reducing barriers, and promoting awareness in the general public of the achievements and activities of Philadelphia’s music community; and


WHEREAS, In August 2017, the Task Force held its first meeting and subsequently issued its final report in August 2019 with its findings and recommendations; and


WHEREAS, On December 9, 2022, the City Council Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative Economy held a hearing to discuss and adopt the Task Force Report and its recommendations. The public hearing included testimony from members of the music industry and other stakeholders; and


WHEREAS, The Task Force Report was adopted by a vote of City Council on Jauary 19, 2023; and


WHEREAS, Philadelphia’s creative economy generates $4.1 billion in total economic impact which equates to 55,000 full-time jobs, $1.3 billion in household income and $224.3 million in state and local taxes; and


WHEREAS, A major focus of the report was to enhance Philadelphia’s reputation as a leading center for the creation, recording, publishing and performance of music and thereby bolstering the City’s economy and increasing tax revenue; and


WHEREAS, The number one, and most important, recommendation of the Task Force Report was to “Establish a centralized, independent, permanent entity to continue the mission of the Music Industry Task Force”; and


WHEREAS, This recommendation, in summary, considered that a Music Office or Music Commission would create engagement in shaping the future of the Philadelphia music economy while growing and preserving our rich musical history; and


WHEREAS, Like the Greater Philadelphia Film office, a Music Office could provide a consolidated list of internships, co-op opportunities, and jobs to the local music community; and


WHEREAS, Under Section 6 of the First Class City Home Rule Act (53 P.S. §13106), an amendment to The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter may be proposed by a resolution of the Council of the City of Philadelphia adopted with the concurrence of two-thirds of its elected members; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, That the following amendment to The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter is hereby proposed and shall be submitted to the electors of the City on an election date designated by ordinance:







§3-100. Executive and Administrative Officers, Departments, Boards, Commissions and Agencies Designated.


The executive and administrative work of the City shall be performed by:


(a)                     The following elected or appointed officers:


*                     *                     *



Music Office;

Director of the Music Office


*                     *                     *






*                     *                     *


§ 3-215  Director of the Music Office.


                     The Mayor, with the advice and consent of a majority of all the members of the Council, shall appoint the Director of the Music Office.


*                     *                     *





The Mayor, The City Representative and Departments, Boards, Commissions and Offices under the Mayor


*                     *                     *





§ 4-2800. Creation.


                     The Music Office is hereby created, headed by the Director.


§ 4-2801. Powers and Duties


The Music Office shall have the power and its duty shall be to perform the following functions:


(a) Act as an advocate for the Music industry in the city of Philadelphia. Such advocacy may pertain not only to broader issues of promoting music in Philadelphia, but also related actions that are considered  necessary and prudent. The Office shall develop a particular expertise and focus on economically promoting all elements of the music industry in Philadelphia;


(b) Facilitate coordination and planning among governmental and nongovernmental entities that serve or otherwise interact with all elements of the music industry;


(c) Provide training and technical assistance to enhance the work of governmental and non-governmental entities that serve or otherwise interact with the music industry;


(d) Ensure that the music industry is notified of local and State legislation that could impact the music industry;


(e) Serve as a liaison between the music industry community and City government;


(f) Educate the public regarding all aspcets of the musical industry and economic impact in Philadelphia;


(g) Review relevant annual audits by the City Controller, as required by Section 6-400, and as it deems necessary request that the Controller audit relevant contracts;


(h) Investigate complaints regarding activities of the music industry;


(i) Examine issues of general importance related to the economic advances of the music industry and publish findings and recommendations;


(j) Formulate and advocate for policy recommendations within City government;


(k) If deemed necessary, convene an advisory board composed of community representatives, practitioners, experts, and other stakeholders;


(l) Take such action as is necessary to fully realize the powers and duties specified above.


*                     *                     *





*                     *                     *


§ 8-400. Certain General Provisions to Apply to Certain Officers.


All of the provisions of this charter which apply generally to department heads or departments, boards and commissions shall apply to the Mayor, the Managing Director, the Director of Finance, the City Treasurer, the City Representative, the Insurance Public Advocate, the Public School and Child Advocate, the Handicapped and Disabled Advocate, the Victim Advocate, Director of the Music Office,  and the Personnel Director and to their offices.




Italics indicate matter added.